The Forbidden Toyota Land Cruiser of Your Dreams Just Came Up for Auction

This 70 Series Cruiser is no longer out of reach…and it’s in need of a home for the holidays.

The Toyota Land Cruiser lineage diverted after the FJ40 generation. The U.S. market only received the FJ60 wagon and its descendant line of progressively chunkier luxo-trucks; other markets, however, also got the 70 Series Land Cruisers. These were indestructible, shorter-wheelbase workhorses more faithful to the original FJ40’s ideals. In fact, the design was durable, the 70 Series remains in production 35 years later.

Once, these 70 Series trucks were forbidden fruit for Toyota enthusiasts in America. But now, 1990s versions are becoming eligible to import via the 25-year import law. A 1993 FZJ73 Land Cruiser just popped up for auction on Bring a Trailer. Picture the old FJ40 getting a seriously rad 1990s makeover, and you’ve got this Land Cruiser.

The dealer imported this Land Cruiser from Colombia. It uses a 4.5-liter inline-six gas engine fitted with a five-speed manual. It has 104,000 miles, and has been painted red, with period-perfect brown and gold decals.

It has had some upgrades, including new vinyl flooring, a new tan soft top, an upgraded audio system and new folding bench seats in the cargo area. If we’re going to pick nits, it may need some bigger treads. Still, it’s an incredible chance to grab a vehicle you once could only lust over from afar.

It’s not clear where the bidding will head this early in the auction. But if you want to place a bid, here’s how you get set up to do it.

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