Winston Churchill’s Series 1 Land Rover

Every Rover has its day


If you fancy yourself a lover of history, the outdoors, bowler hats and cigars, look no further. The Winston Churchill Series 1 Land Rover goes up for auction in the Cheffins Vintage Sale on October 20th, 2012. The included original logbook shows the vehicle as UKE 80, owned by Rt Hon. Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, circa 1954 — given on his 80th birthday. The historic Land Rover was built specifically for the man, hence the custom, ahem, girthy passenger seat. The tiny middle seat was converted to an armrest, while a leather grab handle was fastened to the bulkhead for easier ingress and egress by the famed British Bulldog. Heaters in the cabin and footwell were also added, quite possibly making it one of the cushier Rovers of its time.

Primarily chauffeur driven, the Series 1 Land Rover was used to tote the PM around his 300 acre Chartwell estate. Rarely driven on the road, the car has a mere 12,932 miles logged on the odometer, and it is — most importantly — in original, untouched condition. Churchill, himself, once said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” Looks like we can add Land Rover to that list as well.

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