Lexus LF-CC Concept

And you thought hybrids were dull


Lexus has teased a new LF-CC two-door hybrid concept ahead of this year’s Paris Motor Show that continues the dose of driving excitement originally injected into the brand by the LFA. Though similar in execution to last year’s LF-LC Concept, the new whip sports a bold spindle grille that looks massive enough to inhale small rodents with ease through its menacing gape. The triple LED headlights and huge air intakes further enhance the aggressive facia, ensuring you won’t mistake this nimble fuel-sipper tailgating in your rear view. On the back side, lattice-work taillights are welcomed originality, but likely won’t see production. That said, the brand new 2.5 liter hybrid engine should appear in various models down the road, and we wouldn’t be surprised if these design cues show up in the next generation IS — which is due for a much needed redesign — no matter how much today’s fist pumping youth love it.

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