Did Porsche Sneak the Secret New 911 GT3 Into Its Super Bowl Ad?

There’s a very, very interesting blue car hiding in the background.


Porsche is no stranger to self-promotion, but it’s never ventured into the Holy Grail of American advertising — until now. On Sunday, February 2nd, the German carmaker will be running a Super Bowl commercial for the first time, as a way to build awareness of the all-new, all-electric Taycan. Obviously, you can’t show up to the big game with a small ad, so Porsche went all out, whipping up a high-quality extravaganza featuring some of the finest cars from its long history, as well as some of the fastest, fiercest ones you can buy in a showroom today. And, like many companies do these days, the carmaker released a version of the ad ahead of time on YouTube.

We, of course, couldn’t keep ourselves from watching it, especially since But we (along with many other car nerds on the Internet) also noticed what seemed to be a little Easter egg tucked away in the ad: hidden amongst the classic 911s and Cayman GT4s in one shot of a Fast & Furious-style mega-garage was what appears to be the yet-unrevealed 911 GT3 version of the current generation of Porsche’s iconic sports car.

We say “appears” because, well, Porsche isn’t exactly spilling the details (though Car and Driver did point out that Porsche said to look for a surprise car in the ad) and you can’t read whatever’s written on the rump of that blue sports car sitting pretty in the background. But there’s little else the car could be. The blue Porker‘s taillamps clearly identify it as the new 992-gen Porsche 911; the giant wing and center-lock wheels are hallmarks of the company’s GT models; and the lack of an air intake on the wide flanks means this isn’t based on the 911 Turbo, which rules out it being a 911 GT2. (Also, Porsche still hasn’t revealed the new Turbo yet, and they’re very particular about revealing cars in a certain order.)

We’re hoping that this surprise GT3 appearance means Porsche has plans to reveal it in full soon enough — perhaps at the Geneva Motor Show in March, perhaps even sooner. Regardless, we expect it to remain one of our favorite picks of the 911 litter, equipped with a naturally-aspirated flat-six making at least 500 horsepower that channels its grunt to the rear wheels through (hopefully) a choice of dual-clutch PDK transmission or stick shift.

If you’re the type who doesn’t mind spoiling the big Super Bowl ads ahead of time by watching them, you can see the extended version of Porsche’s spot below. Full disclosure: The dialogue may cause some slight cringing, but the car porn shots of some of the carmaker’s finest vehicles of past and present cruising through Germany more than make up for that.

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