Will These Turn Out to Be the Paint Colors of the 2021 Ford Bronco?

Ford’s new Bronco and F-150 aren’t here yet, but these appear to be the colors you’ll be able to choose from.

ford bronco gear patrol slide 01

Update: Ford unveiled the new Bronco on July 13. Here is everything you need to know.

The launch of Ford’s new 2021 Bronco is fast approaching. Recently, Ford offered a preview for what the new off-roader will look like with the Bronco R that entered the Baja 1000. Now, the official colors for both the Bronco and the new Ford F-150 appear to have leaked from the paint website Automotive Touchup on the F150gen14.com forum.

The Bronco, if the leak is accurate, will offer 10 different color options. Considering this is the company that sells Mustangs in colors called Red Hot, Twister Orange and Grabber Lime, the names don’t disappoint: choices for the Bronco include Antimatter Blue Metallic, Cyber Orange Pearl, Fighter Jet Gray, Carbonized Gray Metallic, Oxford White, Race Red, Lucid Red Pearl, Area 51, Absolute Black and Iconic Silver Metallic.

One surprise from the paint list: Ford doesn’t seem to be planning to offer a light blue paint option, like the one from these Bronco renderings. Such a nod to the classic Bronco would seem like a no-brainer. (On another note: It’ll be really disappointing if Fighter Jet Gray is not a color option for the Maverick.)

The new F-150, in turn, will reportedly offer 15 color options. It will share the Antimatter Blue Metallic, Carbonized Gray Metallic, Oxford Red, Lucid Red Pearl, and Iconic Silver Metallic options with the Bronco; also available will be Space White Pearl, Star White Pearl, Kodiak Brown Metallic, Stone Gray Metallic, Smoked Quartz Metallic, Velocity Blue Metallic, Guard Metallic, Lead Foot Gray and Agate Black Metallic. You can see all the paint colors right here.

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