2009 New York Auto Show

Gear Patrol's Advance Look...


It’s car mania this week at Gear Patrol.

Ahead of the public, Gear Patrol was invited by a few auto manufacturers to attend the 2009 New York Auto Show to get an advance look. Of course, we obliged and took the opportunity to plow through the entire show to get our readers a taste of what everyone else will be seeing this weekend.

Despite the solemn mood of the auto industry in general, the show was upbeat (nice to view everything without the crowds or overzealous security), and we managed to put together a decent gallery of most cars on display, despite missing a few. Unfortunately, our trusty Nikon D90’s battery was on the fritz so our Sony T5 came to the rescue.

Either way, we humbly submit our photos for Gear Patrol readers.

You can catch more in-depth coverage at InsideLine and AutoBlog

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