Otokar Cobra

Double park it and see who leaves a note


If you’re into thimble collecting or love to break a sweat zipping through the woods on your adult tricycle, then the Otokar Cobra is undeniably the wrong kind of vehicle for you. Built for equal parts protection and destruction, the Cobra will assuredly get you to the front of the line in any zombie-fueled traffic jam while simultaneously making small children cry.

The Turkish bus company and military contractor (huh?) developed the Cobra to take on numerous forms, including (but not limited to) the Cobra Closed Turret Personnel Carrier, the Cobra Amphibious Vehicle (Somali pirates beware), The Cobra Armored Ambulance and our personal favorite, the Cobra Command (Yo, Joe!) and Control Vehicle. The Cobra is based on a Humvee chassis, but takes a robust approach through available ballistic protection, a 40mm twin gun turret, a potent turbo diesel V8 engine, permanent four wheel drive with central tire inflation and a lockable transfer case. No word on whether or not there’s a package specifically designed to make your daughter’s loser boyfriend crap his pants. Maybe that’s just overkill.

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