Ford Is Building a Super-Cheap Compact Pickup, Report Says, and It’ll Arrive Next Year

Get used to the phrase “cute ute,” because it will appear in every single article written about this truck.


Within the next two years, Hyundai will be putting its awesome new compact crossover pickup into production. But it looks like they’re going to have some competition. Automotive News is reporting that Ford recently revealed a new addition to its pickup lineup to dealers.

The new Ford will be a compact, very affordable pickup based on a unibody car platform — presumably, the one we heard about last year. Better yet: it’ll reportedly arrive in late 2021. The report says the new truck will start under $20,000, about $5,000 cheaper than the cheapest Ford Ranger.

Alongside the EcoSport crossover, the new truck will help fill the entry-level niche left open by the departing Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion models. While the name remains up in the air, a leaked computer image of what appears to be the truck’s tailgate suggests it may be called “Maverick”a name previously bandied about as a possible moniker for the baby Bronco.

The compact pickup truck isn’t a proven idea. No current model exists here in the United States, and past attempts like the Subaru Baja in the 2000s were weirdos that did’t sell well. Volkswagen, notably, ruminated on the idea, then decided not to enter the U.S. market with such a conventional gasoline pickup.

That said, one could see a compact truck being a more compelling option for American buyers on a budget than an anemic crossover or an econo-hatch. It also may be easier for a larger domestic manufacturer like Ford to carve out a new market niche than it would be for VW. And besides, if the reports that it’ll be a badass-looking little rig are true, we could see it flying out of showrooms like there’s no tomorrow.

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