The Perfect Stick-Shift BMW SUV Can Be Yours, But You’d Better Act Soon

BMW manuals are hard to come by nowadays. But the company used to put them in just about everything.

Manual transmission-equipped BMW can be hard to find these days if you’re restricting yourself to new car dealerships. The iconic M5 performance sedan has abandoned the stick shift, and the next-generation M3 and M4 will only use a manual in a special “pure” version that’ll be less powerful than other versions.

But, once upon a time, the stick shift was a hallmark of the BMW brand. The company offered them in practically everything…even mass-market crossovers. And with a bit of hunting around, you can still find those rides on the used car market.

Take, for example, this 2010 BMW X3 3.0 M Sport with a six-speed manual, which just popped up for auction on Bring a Trailer. 2010 was the last year for the first-generation X3, which offered a stick shift as an option. (Perhaps wisely, BMW dropped it in North America for the second generation.)

This SUV has a 3.0-liter inline-six that put out 260 horsepower and 225 lb-ft when new. It comes with all-wheel-drive, an M Sport package with 18-inch wheels and a factory-optioned BMW sport suspension. It has about 87,000 miles on the clock and had a new transfer case installed in February.

The bidding for this rare gem is only (as of this writing) at around $4,000. That said, it should heat up in the coming days, so keep a close eye on it if you’re interested in taking home the sportiest SUV BMW ever made with a stick shift.

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