Toyota’s Next Land Cruiser May Not Show Up As Soon As We’d Like

Previous reports suggested Toyota would launch the next-generation Land Cruiser this summer.

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The current 200 Series Land Cruiser is, by automotive standards, ancient. Toyota last overhauled it for the 2008 model year, making it almost old enough to start taking driver’s ed. Not surprisingly, the flagship SUV has become outmoded, particularly when it comes to fuel efficiency; somewhat ironically, the iconic nature exploration vehicle has been ranked as one of the worst cars for the environment.

A new version of the Land Cruiser is coming. But it may take a bit longer than anticipated to reach the streets.

Japanese reports from last year suggested that Toyota would be launching the all-new 300 Series Land Cruiser as soon as this July or August. But, according to a new report CarsGuide in Australia, those reports now have the launch date for the new model happening in 2021. (Toyota has not commented publicly on when the new Land Cruiser will launch.)

How Toyota plans to reinvent the storied Land Cruiser nameplate has been the subject of plenty of reports and rumors. Toyota’s VP of sales and marketing in Australia Sean Hanley assured everyone the Land Cruiser would still be just as capable, which seems like an attempt to pre-empt any criticism over the Land Cruiser possibly moving from a V8 to a smaller V6 hybrid powerplant. Toyota planning details that were released to Motor1 suggest that the next Land Cruiser will ditch the third row of seats, focus on off-roading prowess over luxury — and perhaps best of all, and be significantly cheaper than the current model, which packs a price tag nearing $90,000.

There aren’t many more iconic names in the automotive industry than the Toyota Land Cruiser. Whenever it launches, the SUV will be one of the most eagerly anticipated debuts of the year.

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