Fisker’s Electric SUV Will Spawn an Extreme Off-Roading Version

Fisker is teasing an EV that can transition seamlessly from a school run to search-and-rescue operations.


The Fisker brand has been building the automotive future, under various corporate structures, since 2012, when the sleek hybrid-powered Fisker Karma first rolled off the line. Henrik Fisker’s latest gambit is the Ocean SUV, an EV crossover that will reportedly deliver a 300-mile range as well as acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds. Fisker plans to sell the base model for $37,499 — or $29,999 after factoring in the federal tax credit. The company says it will launch a $379-per-month subscription service, less than the price of the average car lease payment. If the Fisker Ocean materializes with the price points described, it will be the affordable electric crossover everyone wants arriving in 2022.

Well, not quite everyone. Some people will want to go off-roading, not just mall-crawling. But the Ocean may have them covered too. Henrik Fisker recently told Top Gear he will debut an “extreme utility version” of the Ocean next year. It will be an off-roader well-suited for military transport or search and rescue use…but Fisker will also sell it to civilians for school runs and Starbucks trips.

It’s not clear what modifications the extreme Ocean will have over the standard one. The teaser image shows stubby off-road tires, but Fisker noted that the Ocean’s wide track and low center of gravity would be suitable for off-roading. (He promised to show where he’s hiding the spare tire this week. Stay tuned for the big reveal.)

Off-roaders, while currently the biggest gas guzzlers on the market, are a natural fit for EV conversion. They can more easily accommodate the weight of heavy battery packs; indeed, stashing them under the floor, as Fisker noted, gives them a better center of gravity. Instant torque is helpful for clearing obstacles. Off-roaders also sell well, and for huge markups — especially with OEM accessories.

Indeed, other companies have noticed the appeal of electrified SUVs, too. A Fisker off-roader will have ample competition from other startups like Rivian and Bollinger, as well as established brands like GMC and Jeep. We, of course, will be saving our down payment for a potential production version of Audi’s drone-toting electric Warthog.

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