Breakdown: 2014 Cadillac ELR

Guilty as charged
The Cadillac of EREVs. | Cadillac

Given its lineage, we probably wouldn’t refer to it as a true “driver’s car”, but the completely new, super-aerodynamic Cadillac ELR 2+2 sure looks the part. That its design is edgy, futuristic, and alludes to strong momentum is no surprise given Cadillac’s direction as of late (and because we’ve told you about it before), but it remains to be seen whether the half-electric/half-gas-powered ELR — which is essentially a Chevy Volt in a suit — will be, you know, electrifying. Nearly 300 pound-feet of torque and over 200 horsepower do seem promising on paper; 20-inch wheels and the carbon-fiber-trimmed cockpit are hard to ignore.

Regardless of its tossability on the track, the Extended Range Electric Vehicle (yep, an EREV ELR) will deliver reasonable distance dividends, returning a projected 300 miles, which includes 35 miles in all-electric mode. It’s still a Cadillac, so who’s surprised that there’s a space shuttle worth of tech packed into its driver-centric, luxurious cabin? Whether you’re a tree hugger, simply über-trendy (poseur!), or just like riding in HOV lanes all by your lonesome, if you’ve got the capital for an ultra-sleek robocar and a spare outlet in your garage, the ELR is your chance to use less dinosaur corpse on your next Whole Foods run.

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