What Mysterious New Sports Car Will Lamborghini Reveal Tomorrow?

A press release includes a tantalizing hint of a new car to come.

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Like the rest of the automotive world, Lamborghini‘s factory has been largely silent recently, idled by the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing measures it imposed. On May 4th, though, the production lines will reopen, as Lamborghini proudly announced in a press release at the end of April. (Likely not coincidentally, Ferrari also happens to be reopening that day.)

But more interesting than Lambo’s transition back from face masks and visors to supercars was a line hidden at the end of the release quietly revealing that the carmaker would be revealing a new model on May 7th.

“We continue to nurture the dreams of our fans and customers,” the press release said, “and on 7 May, through a virtual launch, we will present a new car in order to complete our model range.”

This, of course, has us wondering: what, exactly, will Lamborghini be showing off on Thursday? The fact that Lambo describes it as a vehicle that will “complete our model range” makes us think it’s an addition to the current lineup, not a replacement for an existing model or another limited-run multi-million-dollar special edition. The Raging Bull has long discussed adding a fourth model to its model array, but given that seems likely to be an electric sports car, we’re guessing that’s still a few years away.

In that case, that leaves a variant of one of the three existing models: the Aventador, the Huracan and the Urus. The Aventador is at the end of its lifespan, and already offers four separate variants — regular Aventador S coupe and roadster, extra-sporty Aventador SVJ coupe and roadster — so it doesn’t seem like the most likely candidate for a new variant. (Still, rumor says an 830-hp track-ready Aventador SVR may be in the works, so it could be that.)

The Huracan is in the midst of rolling out its Huracan Evo lineup; the AWD coupe and roadster have been revealed, as well as the RWD coupe, but the RWD open-top version still has yet to be shown off. And the Urus SUV currently has just one production version, but given the carmaker has been selling as many of them as they can build, we doubt Lambo wants to add another variant to the mix just yet.

So if we had to put money down, we’d bet on Lamborghini revealing a rear-wheel-drive drop-top Huracan Evo on May 7th, with a side bet on it being a hyper-sporty V12 supercar. Guess we’ll find out on Thursday.

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