Ford’s Recent Moves Suggest the Excursion Could Be Coming Back

Ford has applied to re-trademark a biiiig name from its 2000s lineup.


Back in the early 2000s, the Ford Excursion was the blue whale of the Ford SUV lineup. It was an enormous full-size SUV, based on an F-250 Super Duty chassis that offered a choice between a 7.3-liter V8 turbodiesel engine and a 6.8-liter gas-powered V10. That former version weighed in at nearly 7,700 pounds; either way, its wheelbase was 5.5 inches longer than the current Ford Expedition Max that’s currently the largest SUV in the company’s lineup.

Even now, Ford Excursions remain popular with devoted enthusiasts. You can find Excursions with more than 200,000 miles listed for $10,000-plus, which we’d consider is Toyota 4Runner-esque madness. Fans, for a hefty fee, can even commission a custom-built Super Duty conversion. Now, in news that may raise the hopes of those large-and-in-charge SUV-loving folks, Ford just filed to trademark the name Excursion all over again.

Does Ford have a new, massive, F-Series Super Duty-based SUV on the way? We’re betting not. Ford, like every other manufacturer, needs to be trying to reduce fleet emissions over the next decade — which makes producing an even larger full-size SUV even less sensible than when Ford stopped making Excursions in 2006. But we could see the Excursion nameplate revived for some form of electric SUV, as GMC did with the Hummer. It’s also possible Ford is just renewing it to make sure no one else uses the name.

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