Now Is The Time To Score a Great Deal on a Toyota Tacoma

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a Tacoma, it may never be cheaper.


We live in unprecedented times. Global uncertainty is rampant. For most people, it’s not the optimal time to make a longterm investment in a new car. Automakers recognize this, which is why we’re seeing deals that would have seemed unfathomable a few months ago. Here’s one that off-roading enthusiasts may find too good to pass up.

Toyota almost never offers incentives on the Tacoma, for the same reason the company does not bother upgrading the six-speed automatic transmission. There has been no need. The midsize truck has been eviscerating sales records without them. Toyota moved nearly 250,000 Tacomas in 2019. But now, times have changed. Toyota has some great sweeteners if you buy a Tacoma before June 1st.

Buyers can get $1,750 cash off a new Tacoma. Alternatively, buyers with qualifying credit scores can get 0% APR financing for up to 60 months. Buyers can also defer payments for 90 days. The deals are not valid for the top-tier TRD Pro Series trims, but that still means you can get an awesome TRD Off-Road trim with a manual transmission.

The current deals make the Tacoma an even stronger value proposition than it was before. You can now use a Tacoma over five years, pay it off with 0% APR, and still receive 60-70% of its initial value back on resale. The depreciation curve only flattens from there. You can drive a Tacoma for twelve years and still get 40% of the initial value on resale.

If you have had a craving for a Taco, now may be the best time to feed it.

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