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Grab the Face Mask Many Formula 1 Teams Are Using

Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren have all been using cool-looking face masks. Here's where to find them.

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The 2022 Formula 1 season is just getting started. And the sport's COVID-19 protocols remain in effect, with mandatory testing, isolated personnel bubbles and mandatory face coverings when the drivers are not in their cars.

You may have noticed team members at Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull wearing distinctive, sleek, and comfortable-looking face masks. These are masks manufactured by the Italian company U-Mask. They feature a four-layer, replaceable filtration system, which includes a self-sanitizing and anti-proliferative BioLayer. The masks are also environmentally friendly, with a washable Econyl Lycra cover made from recycled ocean plastics.

U-Mask masks retail for $47 on the Mercedes team website. Red Bull, McLaren and Scuderia Ferrari do not appear to be selling them at the moment; however, you could probably buy affix some form of a team sticker to the cover of a team color one and come pretty close.

Team-branded U-Masks are not available from the official F1 team store. But you can stock up on some gear for the upcoming season. Not in a buying mood? You can pick up an F1TV subscription to catch up on the action for just $2.99 per month. (In fact, you can try it free for seven days as the season opens.)


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