The 2023 Acura Integra: Everything You Need to Know

Acura is bringing back its iconic affordable performance car.

acura integra teaser sketch

Not too long ago, and much to our surprise, Acura announced that it would revive the Integra nameplate — the Type R was one of our most influential cars from the 1990s — for a future sports car. The brand says the new Integra will capture "the same fun to drive spirit and DNA of the original."

Details about the new Integra are trickling out — and unusually for a future car, mostly from Acura itself. Here's what we know so far.

acura integra
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The next Acura Integra will have four doors

The 1980s–1990s Integra was a two-door coupe. While still sporty and compact, Acura's own teaser images have revealed that the 2023 version would be a four-door vehicle with a rear hatch. That said, manufacturers have been stretching the boundary of "coupe" for years; the Integra may not technically be a coupe, but Acura could still label it as one.

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The new Acura Integra will offer a manual transmission

Acura has confirmed that the Integra will offer a six-speed manual transmission. No mention yet about whether there will be an automatic alternative.

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The 2023 Integra should borrow heavily from the Honda Civic

Expect the new Integra to employ componentry and powertrains from the new Honda Civic. What we don't know is whether it will get the 1.5-liter engine from the Civic Si, a larger four-cylinder from the new Civic Type R , or, hey, why not both as base and Type S models?

2022 acura nsx
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The Integra will (kinda-sorta) replace the Acura NSX

The Integra will be a de facto replacement for the Acura NSX, the brand's halo, hybrid supercar. Not in terms of performance, mind you, but as the carrier of the brand's performance mantle. (The NSX is being discontinued after a run of new Type S models; while reviewers found the new NSX to be a revelation, buyers weren't that interested.)

acura integra teaser sketch
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The new Acura Integra will arrive in 2022

Acura will introduce the Integra sometime in spring 2022. It will likely arrive at dealers as a 2023 model year vehicle.

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