2010 Campagna T-REX 14RR

Beastly Buggy


Sharing the namesake of the most ferocious predator to ever live, the Campagna T-REX 14RR has some living up to its moniker to do. Based on it’s specs, it lives up to it well. The T-REX 14RR is built with a reverse trike-style frame, which allows its driver to retain the stability of a normal vehicle, while being lighter and capable of donuts like you’ve never seen. The heart of this beast is a Kawasaki 1400 cc motorcycle engine mated to a six speed sequential transmission pumping out 197hp. When your curb weight is a dainty 1040 lbs, that’s good for a spine tingling 3.92sec 0-60mph. The T-REX 14RR is not functional, practical, or cheap – nor does it have any intentions of being. No, this three wheeled hell raiser is all about getting you going on a visceral level.

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2010 Campagna T-REX 14RR Gallery

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