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2010 Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo

Being Fat Never Looked So Good


If you are in the market for a new bike or undaunted at getting yourself onto a Harley, then the Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo is an outstanding choice. This comes from personal experience. There are few words that sum up every aspect of this bike, but dark and massive are a good place to start.  Just like a Model T Ford this Harley only comes in black, gloss, or denim.  Denim, shown on this author’s own bike (after the jump) is a matte finish coat that almost seems to absorb light, never to be seen again. 


Why is it called “Lo,” you ask? The Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo has you sitting a full inch lower than the standard Fat Boy, giving you a more relaxed feel and look while riding. Let’s face it, buying Harley, for the look and feel is more than half the reason you do it. The Fat Boy Lo is not limited to looks, as an enormous 96 cubic inches (1584cc) of V-Twin Supremacy engine (also blacked out) paired to a 6-speed transmission creates a visceral experience words cannot adequately describe without the use of guttural grunts and wild hand gestures. The V-Twin also provides plenty of power and torque to spare (full specs below). I would off to provide you a personal 0 – 60 time or top speed, but am not ashamed to admit the truth: I’m hesitant to open up the deep rumbling and torque-y engine wide open. Further fitting with the massive and dark theme, Harley Davidson designed the Fat Boy Lo to roll on blacked out 17 inch bullet-hole wheels, skinned in front with 140mm and a wide 200mm tires in the rear.  If you are looking for a fun ride and want to turn some heads, this is the bike for you. As the slogan goes, “there’s never been a greater time to ride”.

Buy Now: $16,299

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