This Russian Adventure Bike Just Doesn’t Give a Damn

When you live in Russia, going from point A to point B is on an other level.


Russia is famous for a lot of things, good and bad — Putin, Vodka, Anna Kournikova, un-winnable land wars — but its hostile terrain and harsh weather may be the country’s original calling card. Dense forests littered with deep, boggy ruts and the occasional river crossing are standard fare outside of cities, in the inhabitable part of the country. It’s the same geography that gave rise to the SHERP; but the Taurus 2×2 Adventure motorcycle makes the SHERP look like a logging truck.

Powered by a 210cc, 7-horsepower Honda GX-210, the Taurus 2×2 spins both wheels by way of a simple two-chain drive system. While the horsepower rating may seem laughable, keep in mind the whole bike only weighs 196 pounds, so a top speed of 22 mph — while you’re dodging trees, trails and creeks — is fast enough. And when that river you’re fording ends up being much deeper than anticipated, the balloon tires are enough to keep the bike afloat, on its side, as you walk next to it. Those extra-chubby tires also make up for the lack of suspension, which honestly would only complicate things and add weight; the Taurus is better off without shocks.

For now, the bike is only available in Russia, but there are plans to ship worldwide. So if you want one, brush up on your Cyrillic and send them an email.

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