Want to Trade In for an Electric Motorcycle? This Company Will Make It Easier

Worried about your motorcycle's carbon footprint? Zero Motorcycles will offer you a trade-in discount to go electric.

zero srf electric motorcycle
Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles produces some of our favorite electric motorcycles. If you've been thinking about trading in your current bike and going electric, the company is currently offering a sweetener to make that transition more appealing.

Zero just announced a Cash for Carbon program in which they'll add $1,500 above the value of the trade-in on any gas-powered motorcycle. Pairing that with a $2,500 federal tax incentive on e-motorcycles provides a $4,000 total discount.

There's one catch" You can't use the discount for any Zero Motorcycle. The promotion is only valid for the premier SR/S and SR/F models, which can be pricey. The cheaper SR/S starts at just under $20,000, though saving $4,000 does reduce the price dramatically.

You'll also have tp move on the deal fairly quickly: Zero Motorcycles' Cash for Carbon program lasts only through August 15, 2020.

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