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Supreme + Coleman Mini Bike = Your New Summer Wheels

Because what doesn’t Supreme put its name on?


The Supreme x Coleman Minibike drops today but is only available online. And though pricing hasn’t been announced, it’s expected the Supreme-branded CT200U will run around $800–$1,000, while the regular Coleman CT200U goes for just $700. That said, preorders on eBay are already breaking the $2,000 mark.

If you have to have Supreme-branded everything, then this will make a fine addition to your ensemble. But even if you don’t, a minibike is actually the perfect transportation for a summer at a beach house. So even the standard Coleman CT200U would be worth the investment. You could pedal around a rusty beach cruiser or join the locals rolling deep in a gang of golf carts, but a minibike will make for some of the most fun you’ve ever had on two wheels. Take it off-road, take it to the next BBQ, store it in your house.

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