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The Gear You Need to Take On the Bonneville Salt Flats Like Burt Munro

Looking to set your own record on the Flats?



The Bonneville Salt Flats is hallowed ground as far as cars and motorcycles are concerned. It’s a wide-open, otherworldly expanse where some of the world’s most impressive land speeds were set — arguably none more famous than the record held by New Zealand native Burt Munro on his Indian Scout in 1967, a legendary record that still stands to this day.

This year, to mark the 50th anniversary, Indian Motorcycle is sending Burt Munro’s great nephew Lee Munro out to the Salt Flats with an Indian Scout. The sun of the Flats is wildly intense, as is competition — just as much as when the elder Munro first turned a wheel there.

With that in mind, we took it upon ourselves to pick out some essential gear should you ever decide to head out to the Flats yourself. Whether or not you set a record, you’ll have everything you need to.

Indian Scout

Fifty years ago, Burt Munro took his Indian Scout out to the Salt Flats and set an undefeated record. Production took a break in 1949, but now the legendary bike is back and heading to the Salt Flats with the Munro name once again.

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Munro 50th Open Face Helmet

Officially, to race on the Salt Flats, you need a full face helmet. And there’s nothing stopping you from riding around the rest of Utah in this open-faced beauty, which was inspired by Munro’s own helmet. Feel the wind on your face just as he did.

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Bertoni Motorcycle Goggles

Eye protection to match the vintage homage of your open-face helmet. Bertoni Motorcycle Goggles have the same classic style as the ones Munro wore — but they also come with modern-day conveniences like anti-fog lenses and a durable polycarbonate frame. Style and safety don’t have to cancel each other out.

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La Rosa Universal Front Fork Tool Bag

Burt Munro was a master builder — in fact, he rebuilt his record-setting 1920s Indian Scout. So do as Munro did and bring your own set of tools to ther Flats. Squeezing out another 0.10 mph isn’t accomplished with hopes and dreams alone, but with good old-fashioned determination and elbow grease.

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Indian Motorcycle Heritage Munro Tee

Nothing protects your skin from the sun like covering up head to toe. Temperatures out on the Flats may be on the warmer side some years, but a short sleeve shirt would be your undoing. Stay safe; go for the long sleeve tee.

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