Harley-Davidson's LiveWire Brand Has a Cool New Electric Motorcycle

Meet the affordable new S2 Del Mar.

livewire s2 del mar electric motorcycle parked with city skyline in background

A few years back, Harley-Davidson launched its first electric bike, the LiveWire. Then they branched LiveWire out into a separate brand with the admittedly-not-so-originally-named LiveWire One. Now, the brand is launching its second electric motorcycle — and no, it's not called the LiveWire Two. LiveWire's newest bike is called the S2 Del Mar, and it's going to be a lot cheaper than its sibling.

The S2 Del Mar will be the first bike on LiveWire's new scalable Arrow architecture. The brand is calling it an Urban Street Tracker, with a tracker-style handlebar for upright riding, 19-inch wheels front and rear and custom-developed LiveWire Dunlop DT1 tires that operate smoothly both on and off the pavement.

woman sitting on parked livewire s2 del mar electric motorcycle with city skyline in the background
man sitting on livewire s2 del mark electric motorcycle with waterfront in the background

LiveWire is targeting an 80=horsepower output for the S2 Del Mar and a curb weight under 440 pounds. The S2 Del Mar should accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and achieve an estimated 100-mile range in city riding.

The first 100 S2 Del Mar bikes will be built-to-order Launch Edition bikes. These will have an exclusive finish and wheel design and retail for $17,699. LiveWire says they will be delivered in spring 2023.

The production S2 Del Mar will arrive after the Launch Edition, with a target price of around $15,000, which means will be Harley-Davidson / LiveWire's most affordable electric motorcycles to date. The LiveWire launched with a starting price of around $30,000 — well north of electric rivals Zero Motorcycles — and the LiveWire One starts at $22,799.

According to the LiveWire website, the entire Launch Edition has already been reserved. But you can still join the waitlist if any slots open up. Joining the waitlist also gives you early notice of when you can order a production version.


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