Looking For a Capable, Lightweight Adventure Motorcycle? This Is It

The Alta Motors EXR adopts the silhouette of the modern enduro and employs the latest, lightweight, performance-packed quick-charging electric motor technology.

In the quest for more lightweight, capable, easy-to-ride adventure bikes, the ‘enduro’ category is looking more and more popular every day. Building off of the success of its dirtbike range, Alta Motors decided to jump into the class feet first with the Redshift EXR enduro bike. The EXR adopts the familiar silhouette of the modern enduro but challenges the industry by employing the company’s latest, lightweight, performance-packed quick-charging electric motor.

It might not sound like your tradition high-revving single-cylinder, but since it uses 50 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque to move only 273lbs worth of bike, you better believe it rides like one. I got a taste of one of Alta’s road bikes awhile back and can attest to how wild the powertrain is. Further, Alta just proved itself to the world by being the first electric bike to qualify for the Erzberg Rodeo, one of the world’s most demanding off-road races. And, for everyday use, the EXR can be switched into any one of four riding modes — Eco, Sport, Performance or Race — each of which has a different power level for varying conditions and rider experience levels.

The numbers everyone will be scrutinizing are the four hours of trail riding or 50 miles of city riding you’re limited to on a single charge. That might not seem like much but, considering the EXR can fully charge in as little as 90 minutes on a rapid charge (240v) and in three hours on a standard charge (120v), it’s completely usable. After four hours of trail riding, you’ll need about 90 minutes to recharge yourself anyhow.

As adventure vehicles, electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly prevalent with each passing riding season. The technology is decreasing in weight, increasing in power and performing on par with their gas-powered relatives. Not to mention the notion of adventure and off-road vehicles leaving less of a footprint and conserving the environment is becoming more important as well. What better way to lead the charge (sorry) than supporting electric vehicles and pushing the industry forward because it’s clearly heading in that direction.

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