The New Ducati Cafe Racer is the Perfect Amount of Vintage

InterMot is in full swing over in Cologne, Germany and Ducati just unveiled its new Scrambler line.

InterMot is in full swing over in Cologne, Germany and Ducati just unveiled its new Scrambler line, including the new Icon, revised Desert Sled, redesigned flat-track-inspired Full Throttle and refreshed Cafe Racer. All four bikes get updates heading into 2019, and even though it’s just a new color scheme, the silver and blue throwback to the 125GP Desmo race bike from the ’60s is the perfect amount of vintage.

The Ducati Scrambler Brand is on a tear and the refresh for 2019 breathes a healthy amount of energy into the core line up. The full line gets new Bosch cornering ABS and LED daytime running lights, and the Desert Sled goes one step further with an off-road riding mode.

The Cafe Racer, being the style-forward performance bike, simply dials that up for 2019. It’s been a while since Ducati let a bike leave the factory with a blue frame, to the point it feels like it’s venturing outside its wheelhouse. Even though the Scrambler brand uses them in new and exciting designs, black, yellow, white and red are all the colors we’ve come to expect from the Italian brand. The silver paint with tri-tone blue stripes on the blue trellis frame, capped by a blue leather seat is incredibly refreshing despite diving deep into the brand’s history. It adds energy to the bike that the old black and gold-highlighted scheme couldn’t achieve.

It’s nice to see the Ducati Scrambler branch experimenting and forging fun paths where the larger Ducati brand has to stay serious. Incorporating old, bold paint schemes or even new ones like the yellow and black two-tone job on the Full Throttle, inspired by the bike ridden by Frankie Garcia in the 2018 American Super Hooligan Championship, is an exciting way to stand out.

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