A Vintage Honda Is the Perfect Motorcycle for the City

If you live in the city, whether you enjoy some light trail riding on the weekends or not, an old scrambler like this ’72 Honda CL350 is the perfect weapon of choice.

Scramblers, by their very nature, are all-purpose motorcycles. The split personality bikes are meant to tackle downtown streets just as well as backwoods, so if you live in the city, an old scrambler like this ’72 Honda CL350 is the perfect weapon of choice — regardless if you enjoy some light trail riding on the weekends.

When it comes to city riding, all-out speed isn’t a requirement. However, agility, durability and affordability are. Between the potholes, aggressive cabbies and careless parking jobs, you’ll need a motorcycle that can soak up the bumps and dodge traffic. Being able to take a knock or two without falling to pieces doesn’t hurt, either. This CL350 Scrambler shows its age in some spots more than others, but extensive servicing brought it back to decent running order.

Wild affordability is another feather in the CL350’s cap, and not just because of the ridiculously low asking price up front. You won’t be spending much on replacement parts to keep it running since Honda cranked out so many of the CBs and CLs in the ’60s and ’70s.

When it was new, the CL350 pumped out 36 horsepower from its 326cc parallel-twin engine and tipped the scales at 374 lbs. If you’re a speed hunter, look elsewhere. It’s the compact architecture of the CL350 in combination with the forgiving suspension and comfortable seat that gives bikes like this Honda scrambler an edge.

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