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ZecOO Motors

The dystopian Neo Tokyo of 2019 described and depicted by Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira may be as likely as our Mayan predicted destruction, but that didn’t stop the team at Japan’s Znug Design from having a crack at building Tetsuo Shima’s bike. The ZecOO ($70,000 projected) is easily one of the best looking, and possibly priciest electric motorcycles we’ve seen yet. While the styling for most e-bikes tends toward the off-road look, this low slung cruiser ticks all of the boxes that even the average custom may have missed.

From the windshield that looks like something out of the dark recesses of Ridley Scott’s nightmares to the carbon fiber fenders atop the single-sided front hub steering jig and rear swingarm, the ZecOO is equal parts Ducati Diavel and Tron Light Cycle. A quick glance down at the Pagani-esque gauges will inform you that the ZecOO can perform too. Technically classed as a “Maxi Scooter”, the all electric mill cranks out a respectable 46ft.lbs of torque and tops out at around 75mph, making and it interstate friendly. The 28hp motor provides riders with a range of up to 85 miles and comes equipped with its own retractable plug for topping up. A full recharge takes about five hours making it an ideal commuter, provided you leave enough time to get through the stunned crowd surrounding it.

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