Prepare to Lust Uncontrollably Over This Stunning Custom Electric Motorcycle

Riding this bike is “the next best thing to flying,” according to creator Walt Siegl.

Start drooling, bike fans. Custom builder Walt Siegl collaborated with Mike Mayberry of Ronin Motoworks on the PACT, an innovative and exceptional-looking electric motorcycle.

The name is no acronym. “It stands for friendship, agreement with all elements of the project, and a commitment to new, green technology,” Siegl told Bikeexif.

The PACT uses an Alta Redshift drivetrain; the engine, weighing just 15 pounds, puts out 50 horsepower. The 5.8-kWh battery can be recharged in three hours from a standard 120-volt outlet.

Siegl opted to expose the electric powertrain prominently in his design, rather than hide it behind a more traditional internal combustion aesthetic. Thanks to the extensive use of forged carbon fiber for the subframe and bodywork, the bike has a total weight of just 251 pounds.

Siegl believes the electric motorcycle will appeal to enthusiasts, in spite of the industry’s long connection to internal combustion. “E-power distills the riding experience. There is no sound other than the wind,” he wrote on his website. “It’s the next best thing to flying.”

He also thinks electric bikes will attract the next generation of riders. “Young people will always embrace the romance and fun of traveling on two wheels,” he wrote. “Newcomers to two wheels won’t have the reference to combustion engines, therefore they won’t miss them.”

While a custom Walt Siegl bike may be out of your price range –they’re not cheap — there are, blessedly, more affordable electric motorcycle options on the market.

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