Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle

A shift in power


We were excited to cover the Brammo Enertia Plus last year, and we’re even more excited about Brammo’s new electric bike, the Brammo Empulse, largely due to its increased power, range and revamped looks that are part stealth-fighter, part Ducati Monster. Both the Empulse and Empulse R models sport Brammo’s Integrated Electric Transmission that mimics the feel of a traditional internal combustion engine and also makes use of a specially-desgined clutch and gear shift — far different from standard electric bikes that are essentially shiftless. It’s also water cooled, an industry first for an electric motorcycle. On a single 8-hour charge, the Empulse will provide a 121 mile city range, 56 mile highway and a combined 77 miles, which should be enough to get most of you two and from the office. Just don’t try to hit the 100+ mph top speed on your morning commute. Cops don’t like tree-hugging motorcyclists. Pre-orders are being accepted now.

Buy Now: Empulse $16,995 | Empulse R $18,995

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