JvB-moto Ducati Pantah

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We love a cafe racer bike, especially when said bike is both Ducati and vintage. The JvB-moto Ducati Pantah is just such a beauty. The Pantah’s designer, Jens vom Brauck, wanted his build to look like “it was found in a shed… a futuristic design study for a 1981 motor show” that was never displayed. We’re pretty sure his refined imagination paid off.

The bike’s build took three full years and used parts and materials from the past three decades. Starting with a stock Ducati Pantah, Brauck cut down the subframe and modified the gas tank. He also used narrow wheels and tires for that vintage look, while adding carbon fiber bits to bring the ride into the 21st century. The fairing, of course, is nowhere to be found, and it’s all the better for it, frankly. The bike weighs in at a mere 375 pounds; its go is heartily supplied by a V-Twin engine and a custom exhaust that Brauck frankensteined from various pieces. Sadly, the custom bike will not be duplicated, though we’re highly suggesting that Ducati consider a free special edition giveaway for, say, bloggers who’ve written about the bike (nudge, nudge).

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