Drags & Racing La Grande Fuga Triumph Bonneville

Keep it away from barbed wire

If you just so happen to have an itch that involves jumping a motorcycle over a huge wooden and barbed wire barrier while wearing a grey sweatshirt, then Italian custom bike shop Drags & Racing has just the motorcycle for you: their stunning ‘La Grande Fuga’ (Great Escape) Triumph Bonneville. Just remember how that whole chase ended for McQueen.

That should, however, in no way stop you from ogling this ride. Looking virtually nothing like the stock Bonneville, except perhaps the tank emblem, this vintage themed bike has been completely redone with hand-made body work and controls (including a fantastic suicide shift knob), an exhaust shanghai’d off a commercial van and a solo seat from a 1939 Harley. Even the military paint is unique, having come from sixty-year-old stock discovered in a Czechoslovokian warehouse. So what’s the price on this Steve McQueenery? For a mere $24K shop owner Dino Romano will build one specially for you, which will no doubt turn heads like something far more expensive, and probably far less special.

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