Ural Yamal Limited Edition

Dasvidaniya, normalcy

We’re no strangers to Ural sidecar motorcycles, having run them on wet asphalt, dirt and snow. Ural’s offerings — rugged, versatile and as nostalgic as they come — make us long to get out during each of the four seasons. They’ve topped things off in 2012 with their 2012 Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle, issuing a bike that’s as fun to look at as it is to ride.

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Named after the unforgiving Russian peninsula and the icebreaking vessels that navigate it, the Yamal is based on the capable and rugged Gear Up we rode last year; this ride, however, is built to take tough terrain like an armored aquatic yak. Its sidecar body and fenders are waterproofed to endure that last ditch effort to stay upright when land melts into icy muck. It even comes with its own oar for such events, or, more likely, for whacking baddies who get in your way.

The Yamal also comes with hand guards, a burly knobby spare tire, twin sidecar fog lamps, flat orange powder coat paint and some very WWII-esque predator teeth on the sidecar body. Brembo brakes and Sachs shocks come standard. Production is limited to 50 bikes, and you don’t want to miss this. Even a normal sidecar motorcycle gets looks — trust us. The Yamal will set hearts afire, and your weekend rides will never be the same.

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