Never Lose Your Gear Again with This Simple Accessory

Glow Rhino's Tritium Glow Fob is the EDC accessory your kit is missing.

glow rhino keychain
Glow Rhino

There's no worse feeling than dropping something in the dark, only to fumble around fruitlessly trying to find it. We've all been there — that's why Glow Rhino applied military-proven tech to solve just such a problem with its Tritium Glow Fob. The fob features a self-powered tritium lamp encased in a polycarbonate and CNC-machined, black nitride-coated stainless steel shell. The tritium lamp has a half-life of over 12 years, so you can buy the Glow Fob knowing it's built to last. If that's not enough to convince you, it also comes kitted with a glass-breaker tip for use in emergency situations. Plus, right now you can save 20 percent on Glow Rhino's Tritium Glow Fob by entering code GEARPATROL at checkout.

Buy Now: $40 $32

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