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Don't Go Camping Without This (Discounted) Waterproofing Essential

Keeping your gear dry is essential for any camping trip — here's how to do it on the cheap.

a dry bag with a see through panel
Sea To Summit

Nothing spoils a weekend camping like a wet sleeping bag. Or a wet tent. Or soggy oatmeal, a waterlogged lantern or squishy socks. Thankfully, avoiding any of these misfortunes is a simple matter of waterproofing and double-waterproofing all the gear. Plastic bags are one way to do that, but a longer-term option is available in Sea to Summit's lightweight dry bags, all of which are currently 20 percent off.

The bags come in a full range of sizes suitable for waterproofing, not to mention organizing, small items like toiletries on up to a week's worth of clothing. There are different types of dry bags, too, depending on what you need from them — there are waterproof compression sacks for sleeping bags, ultra-lightweight bags, bags with a viewing panel to see where its contents are, and others.

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