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Need a New Fall Fleece? Get This Patagonia One on Sale

Fall is here, and a discounted Patagonia fleece is the perfect layer to add to your closet.

a green patagonia fleece

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Last week, a pair of Patagonia shorts received sufficient buzz to sell out, thanks to a few extra words on its tag. The shopping spree occurred despite the near and inevitable end of shorts season; it's fall, time to break out the layers!

Patagonia's penchant for warm and fuzzy clothing needs no reprisal, but here it is anyway: In its early days, the company played a role in inventing both fleece (the material) and the layering (the concept). To this day, many of its most popular products are the fleece pullovers and zip-ups that are so ideal for the incoming season.

Right now, that very thing — Patagonia's Retro Pile Pullover — is on sale at REI for 25 percent off.

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