Get Your Smoothest Shave Yet with Shavelogic

Get 15 percent off the SL5 Welcome Kit from Shavelogic.


If you are looking for razor blades that you don’t have to buy as often and leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth, check out the new Shavelogic SL5 Shaving System. The system comes from over ten years of skincare research and more than 150 company patents. With five blades that fit into the space of three and a special elastomeric suspension system, the SL5 reaches and maneuvers around tight areas without an extra trimmer blade. Each Welcome Kit includes an all-metal, lifetime-guaranteed handle, four long-lasting magnetic-attach cartridges and two cartridge cases with reusable stainless-steel covers. The patented suspension system lets the blades travel safely across the contours of your skin and guarantees you will get more smooth shaves per blade or your money back. If that wasn't enough to convince you, Shavelogic is offering 15 percent off for Gear Patrol readers when you click through the link below.

Price: $25


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