These Cooling Boxers Will Be a Life-Saver This Summer

The paradICE™ Ball Hammock® Pouch Cooling Boxer Briefs from Shinesty keep you cool and collected even in the stickiest situations.

paradice™ cooling underwear

Shinesty's mission is to keep you cool, calm and collected, whether you are sweating from being active, nervous or simply going about a damper-than-usual day. To ensure you keep your cool this summer, check out the Shinesty paradICE™ Ball Hammock® Pouch Cooling Boxer Briefs. The secret behind the paradICE™ cooling properties is the Triple Chill Effect® technology: these underwear are hyper wicking, have enhanced cooling fibers and dry rapidly. They stand out from the competition thanks to the groundbreaking technology used in the brrr°® Pro micro-cooling fabric, which is guaranteed to lower your skin’s temperature immediately and continuously while being worn. This summer, stay cool where it counts – check out paradICE™ now.

Price: $35


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