Exercise Up to 86% of Your Muscles With One Optimized Workout

Founded and engineered by world-class rowing experts, Hydrow captures the extreme benefits of the sport in a beautifully intuitive and accessible experience, including live workouts led by expert athletes.

man using hydrow

Forget going to the gym, running until you drop, filling your entire garage with weightlifting equipment or chasing fad workouts. You need to be rowing. That doesn't mean jumping in the water every day; in fact, you can row around the world under the instruction of Olympic-level athletes and get your body in top shape right from the comfort of your own home. Hydrow was founded by world champion rowing coach Bruce Smith and features beautiful, highly refined equipment that promises a simultaneous strength and cardio workout that's optimized for the human body. Rowing holistically challenges the body and effectively exercises up to 86 percent of your muscles –– with zero impact on the joints –– while offering huge benefits such as improved bone density. Live workouts are broadcast from incredible global destinations and can be experienced in sync with other Hydrow users tuning in from anywhere on Earth. To complement its rowing workouts (and perhaps so you can focus on that other 14 percent of your muscles) Hydrow also offers a 3000+ workout library from other disciplines like yoga, Pilates and more. Membership only costs $38 per month, and Hydrow can be financed for as low as $70 per month. It's time all 100 percent of you experienced Hydrow: the best workout for humans.

Price: $2,495 + $38/month membership


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