Save 25% On a Great Pen That Could Also Save Your Life

Get the writing chops of the Fisher Space Pen with a few extra tricks.


The best survival tool is the one you always have on you. Tactical pens rarely match the full capabilities of dedicated survival tools, but you’re more likely to need a pen on a daily basis, and therefore, keep one always close at hand. The TriTac EDC tactical pen from Brooklyn-based StatGear understands this logic perfectly, balancing everyday needs with a few key design tweaks to answer those “what if” moments. It’s first and foremost a high-quality writing instrument made from aircraft grade aluminum that integrates a famed Fisher Space Ink cartridge, which means it can write in just about every environment including wet conditions and upside down. The kicker is the additional 440c stainless steel knife blade and carbide tip window punch (for breaking glass in an emergency). And right now Gear Patrol readers can buy one for 25% off through the end of 2017 using the coupon code GEARPATROL at checkout.

Buy Now: $56 (with 25% GEARPATROl coupon code)

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