Save On Winter Bills with This Minimalist, Energy-Saving Smart Heater

The Fara heater is mightier than it seems: the latest in ceramic tech meets connected features that combine to reduce heating costs and boost sustainability.

fara smart and cost effective heater sitting on top of books

Sustainability-minded aesthetes, take notice. Fara ($124) is the new, minimalist electric heater that marries portability, beautiful design, energy-saving tech and smart features to provide cozy warmth and peace of mind. Though its looks may captivate houseguests, it's what's inside Fara that counts. First, a full slate of safety features and flame-retardant materials promise to keep you safe all season long. From there, Fara was also precisely engineered to stay cost-effective and energy-efficient while keeping your home comfortable. This is all thanks to a seamless, wireless smart thermostat and app. Together, the powerful duo allows users complete control over their electric heater – from anywhere. The thermostat requires no installation and lets users adjust their heating preferences on a room-by-room basis, so everyone at home can stay cozy their way. Meanwhile, monitoring heating costs is easy and can be done in real-time from your mobile device (way better than waiting anxiously for the end-of-month heating bill). Even better, create an optimized heating schedule using Fara's smart features so you can maximize money and energy savings 24/7. Start saving money now: Gear Patrol readers can take an extra 15 percent off with code GEAR15.

Price: $124

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