Save 20% on Custom Shirts and Blazers From Hugh & Crye

For you last minutes shoppers, Hugh & Crye makes the mission of sizing up a shirt and blazer a little bit easier and saves you 20% in the process.

Hugh and Crye

One of the toughest (or near impossible) tasks one can embark on is buying a shirt or a blazer for someone else and have it fit them properly, no tailoring needed. But, for you last minutes shoppers, Hugh & Crye makes that mission a little bit easier and could make you look like a hero in the process. Instead of trying to eye up your friend’s or family member’s exact size and hope every aspect of the shirt or jacket — sleeve length, waist fit, chest fit — sit right too, Hughe & Crye does sizing by height and build. It may seem like a broad stroke approach to sizing but ends up with a better overall fit and finish. And, today you can save 20% on select sale items, including those usually hard to size shirts and blazers.

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