Build the Perfect Weightlifting Kit with DMoose

Optimize your workout and build a better, safer routine today.

dmoose weightlifting kit

For a limited time, DMoose’s favorite weightlifting bundle is 35 percent off with an additional 20 percent off for Gear Patrol readers this week. To take advantage of the extra 20 percent off, use code 'Gear' at checkout.

The bundle is designed for everyone from beginners to pros, and can help you optimize your form while bulking up for true bodybuilding. The full kit includes a 5mm powerlifting belt plus lifting straps, knee sleeves, elbow wraps and lifting hooks. Each of these elements can help you properly distribute weight to support (and protect) your joints, muscles and ligaments. Adjustable, and crafted to fit perfectly to your body, the belt, sleeves and straps will smooth your training experience to prevent any discomfort.

Together, the system is designed to help you train safer, while keeping all of your movements extra secure. So ditch wrist strain and get ready to shed fat during your most intense endurance training.


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