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These No-Fuss Breathable Suits Are Perfect for Summer

A summer suiting sale right before summer?


Do yourself and everyone in your office a favor and don’t let this be another summer of sweating on the way to work. If you live anywhere outside of the north, you’ve undoubtedly begun to feel the turn of the season, and with it, the turn of your wardrobe. I won’t go as far to say that if by this point in your life you don’t have a blazer or suit that can be worn in the sun you’re doing something wrong, but you might be doing something wrong. If you’d like to fix that, J. Crew’s line of breathable, unstructured stretch blazers and pants can be had now on the cheap — 30 percent off the regular price (and unlike other J.Crew products, these don’t go on sale often, especially during peak season).

The Ludlow stretch cotton and cotton-linen line are made with airy Portuguese cotton, without padding or lining and sport two air vents for bonus air flow. The stretch cotton line mixes cotton with flexible lycra-spandex. Right now, a jacket and pants can be had together for under $200 (free shipping, too) with code GOSHOP at checkout.

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