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OXO’s New Coffee Grinder Has the Same Features of Products Twice Its Price

OXO released this sneaky-good electric burr coffee grinder on Prime Day, and it may be in competition for best value coffee grinder.


OXO’s home gear routinely outperforms its price point and oftentimes the price point above as well. Available starting today, its new coffee grinder does just that.

It’s an electric conical stainless steel burr grinder that’s only $100. Let’s break down what that actually means to you.

It’s electric: You can either purchase a hand grinder or an electric grinder, the difference being how much time you want to put into grinding for what’s virtually the same result. Electric grinders will do what hand grinders can do in a fraction of a fraction of the time.

It’s conical: The gold standard for coffee grinding. The other option is a blade grinder, which delivers inconsistent grind and therefore inconsistent coffee brewing. Conical essentially means the beans are crushed rather than chopped, allowing for a greater degree of grind accuracy.

It has a steel burr: Burrs are the bits that do the coffee bean grinding. If the burrs are plastic of any kind they will be no good within a very short, very sad amount of time. Steel burrs will grind coffee quickly and consistently for much longer. The burrs in this grinder are easily removed for cleaning, too.

The OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is available right now on Amazon.

Buy Now: $100

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