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If You Have a Large Family, This Is the Instant Pot You Buy

Instant Pots have ascended to a status of basic kitchen gear, and this one is capable of feeding a big family and costs just under $100.

Instant Pot

In 2016, Instant Pot touched a nerve. Just another Amazon Deal of the Day, its Duo model was marked 30 percent off. This is the moment Instant Pot became regular kitchen gear vernacular.

Though it had been simmering since its 2010 release, it was still a very niche product. Since its ascension, virtually every marker of utter dominance in a product category has cropped up — companies high and low have made their own multicookers (Ninja, All-Clad and dozens more), marketers dub new kitchen gadgets “The Instant Pot of…” whatever space it falls in to and products adjacent to it are obliterating their own corners of the product world (Instant Pot cookbooks took up two of the top five best-selling cookbooks of 2018, for example).

And on the eve of the eventual release of a new Instant Pot (now expected sometime in the fall), older models’ prices have dropped. Older models like the Lux, the stripped back, less flashy Instant Pot (it’s still capable of slow cooking, rice cooking, warming, steaming and sautéeing).

More notably is the price relative to the size of this particular model — the Lux 8-quart (the largest size Instant Pot is offered across all models) is under $100. The popular 4- and 6-quart sizes, while good, do not have the capacity to prepare dinner for families or groups of more than three or four. The 8-quart most certainly does (though countertop real estate will be challenged in doing so), and last week its price to $99.

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