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Save $600 on Breville’s Idiot-Proof, Well-Reviewed Espresso Machine

Breville does not compromise in the making of its home appliances, which means they are both incredibly good at what they do and usually quite expensive. Today, it’s much less expensive.


Breville is not in the business of making you anything that would be called a budget option. The Australian company strives only to make products that are the best at what they do. So, needless to say, its wares are usually better described as investments than they are purchases. Today, one of the best things it makes is a whopping $600 off on Amazon.

A part of Breville’s impressive line of espresso gear, the Barista Touch is a compact, home espresso maker. Unlike other compact, home espresso makers, it does not suck. It’s got an integrated conical burr grinder (which is the only type of grinder you want for any coffee) that doses and grinds exactly how much you need; Breville’s staple ThermoJet water-heating system that delivers water at exacting temperatures in 3 seconds; a built-in PID temperature control agent to monitor that temperature; and, perhaps most importantly, is operable via a touchscreen with easily understandable drink choices.

The touchscreen provides a certain degree of idiot-proofing, which is what separates the Barista Touch from Breville’s more affordable (but definitely not more accessible) Barista Express. The last feature that matters to the prospective home espresso maker is a milk prep tool that preps milk like a barista might actually prep it. Technology that’s existed on commercial machines for a while, Breville’s milk frother and steamer is “frustratingly good,” according to former World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann.

There are more details to get into — milk texture and temperature adjustments, ways to fiddle with water pressure and temperature, grind level and so on. But what’s most important to know is this: it cranks out impressive espresso from your kitchen countertop, it’s normally close to $2,000 and today it’s $600 off.

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