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If You Buy One Piece of Gear for Thanksgiving, This Should Be It

ThermoWorks is temperature-tracking royalty, and its commercial-grade probe thermometer is 15 percent off today.

Chandler Bondurant

Ask anyone who has done a serious amount of cooking and they will tell you that cooking meat to the perfect doneness is far less about a set time of cooking and far more about internal temperature. And in the world of temperature measurement, there is one company that reigns above all others: ThermoWorks.

Based in Provo, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City), ThermoWorks temperature reading gear comes recommended by competition-level pitmasters, by the barbecue gear testing team at Amazing Ribs, Wirecutter, Serious Eats, America’s Test Kitchen and, least of all, us. The company produces the most accurate, commercial-grade, consumer-friendly products in the category, and the best you can buy for Thanksgiving is 15 percent off today.

The ChefAlarm has an extra-long cable (47 inches), a 6-inch probe and does not have the typical weak points we’ve seen in other probe thermometers. It has magnets on the back to stay put on your oven door, adjustable volume settings (because it was designed for professional kitchen use, it gets very loud), screen brightness dampers and is the only probe thermometer we’ve tested that can be calibrated. More importantly, it’s also the most consistently accurate temperature reader we’ve ever tried.

Using it is pretty simple. Input a desired internal temperature, insert the probe deep into the turkey breast or thigh and close oven on the cable with ChefAlarm’s body on the countertop. When the bird is nearing your desired temperature, it’ll alert you. It will alert you again once it’s reached peak doneness. Probe thermometers (ones that you leave in the meat during cooking) are essential for cooking larger meats, as ovens can drop 50 to 75 degrees with a single opening of the oven door.

The ThermoWorks ChefAlarm is a modest $9 off right now, and if ordered today, it should arrive by Turkey Day.

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