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These Power Drills Are All Most People Need, and They’re $70 Off Right Now

Bosch’s two-item drill kit is probably the best drill kit for most folks.

Lowes Tools Deal Gear Patrol Lead Full

Let’s get one thing straight: most people absolutely do not need a multi-hundred-piece drill and drill bit collection. Instead, what most people need is a set of tools that excels at making the driving and pulling of metal through wood and other semi-soft materials.

That’s what this drill and driver combo kit from Bosch provides. These 12V Bosch tools provide a solid balance between a compact build, power and energy-efficiency (Wirecutter wrote that it drill and drove 50 percent more screws than its comparably-priced competition). Today, the kit is $70 off its usual price — down from $170 to $100 — on Lowe’s website.

Buy Now: $170 $100

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