The Japanese Whisky You Can’t Find at the Liquor Store Is Discounted Online This Weekend

If you can find these Japanese whiskies at stores near you, they’ll probably be cheaper. But for those of us who can’t, this isn’t so bad.

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Let’s be very upfront about the nature of Japanese whisky pricing — you pay for hype more than you do absolute quality.

This is to say the dollar amount more accurately correlates to the difficulty level of finding a bottle rather than the quality of the whisky within. This is not to say Japanese whiskey isn’t great, because it absolutely can be, but the inflated prices have much more to do with a plummeting supply and continuously booming demand.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Dekanta is offering discounts off a lot of Japanese whiskies. For the uninitiated, there are two key things worth knowing about buying bottles online.

Most importantly, state law dictates whether you may or may not order bottles directly to a residence. The National Conference of State Legislatures has a solid guide on the legality of the matter in each state.

The last thing to know before browsing is that prices will almost certainly be higher online versus in-store. This is the trade-off, as finding some of these bottles in a store can be extremely difficult for those who don’t live near well-stocked outlets.

With bottles ranging from well under $100 to well into the thousands, Dekanta stocks a fairly huge catalog of Japanese whisky. Yamazaki 12-year single malt is a good place to start browsing, as it’s about as classic as a whisky gift gets ($239 after discount).

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